The Nanoaging Institute

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The Nanoaging Institute. The Cryonics Revolution will begin (“The comments are contributed by users. You are welcome to post comments. You can advertise your project or your web site. Post your opinions etc… it`s free. Alot of people (1000+) are visiting our pages so it is a good way to show your comments.”)

nano Science and Technology Studies – Societal and Ethical Implications

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nano Science and Technology Studies – Societal and Ethical Implications (“nSTS is a group of researchers at USC trained in a variety of disciplines who pursue scholarly research and education about the societal, epistemological, and ethical dimensions of nanotechnologies. We recognize the value of multiple points of view and support contributions originating both from interdisciplinary perspectives and from the traditional disciplines. By design, our research bridges across the humanities, social sciences, sciences, engineering, medicine, and the professions. Work produced by nSTS scholars may speak to a variety of audiences, including academics, students, those involved in government and policy, diverse professional fields, and lay publics.”)

Discovering the Nanoscale (PDF)

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Discovering the Nanoscale (editors: D. Baird, A. Nordmann & J. Schummer) (“Science and engineering, industry and politics, environmentalists and transhumanists are Discovering the Nanoscale. Public debate is widening, policy makers are demanding explicit consideration of ethical, legal, and social aspects, and popular books are explaining the achievements and promises of nanoscience. It may therefore seem surprising that this is the first collection of studies that considers nanoscience and nanotechnologies from the critical perspective of Science and Technology Studies (STS).”) Complete book as PDF!

The Oxford Future of Humanity Institute (Nick Bostrom)

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The Oxford Future of Humanity Institute (“The Oxford Future of Humanity Institute focuses on big picture questions for humanity. The Institute studies how anticipated technological developments may affect the human condition in fundamental ways, and how we can better understand, evaluate, and respond to radical change. The Institute’s current work streams include Human Enhancement, Global catastrophic risk, Methodology, and Rationality. While the Future of Humanity Institute is located with the world-leading Oxford Faculty of Philosophy, we take an unashamedly multi-disciplinary approach to our subject areas. We use scientific research methods, philosophical techniques, ethical analysis, technology and risk assessment, and policy evaluation tools. We also work to promote public engagement and informed discussion among stakeholders in government, industry, academia, and the not-for-profit sector. “)
Director: Dr. Nick Bostrom

K. Erik Drexler: Engines of Creation

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K. Erik Drexler: Engines of Creation (“FOREWORD by Marvin Minsky. K. Eric Drexler’s Engines of Creation is an enormously original book about the consequences of new technologies. It is ambitious and imaginative and, best of all, the thinking is technically sound.”) Mit diesem Buch began der Nano-Hype.


Stefan Heuer: Leben Sie ewig!

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Stefan Heuer: Leben Sie ewig! [Technology Review Nr. 8/2005] (“‘Die Natur ist trotz all ihrer Kreativität auf dramatische Weise suboptimal. Die kommende Revolution auf den Feldern der Nanotechnologie und künstlichen Intelligenz”, so verkünden Kurzweil und sein Co-Autor Terry Grossman, “wird es uns erlauben, unsere Körper und Gehirne Molekül für Molekül neu zu designen und neu zu bauen. Die Unsterblichkeit ist in Sichtweite.’”)

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