Robert C.W. Ettinger: Prospect of Immortality

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Robert C.W. Ettinger: Prospect of Immortality (“The following is from the dust jacket of the British hard cover edition, 1965. Would you like to live for ever, here on this earth? In the very near future this may become a real possibility. Indeed, in theory it is possible now, for if one was to be deep-frozen and stored away it is inevitable that in fifty, or a hundred, or a thousand years (time becomes meaningless in this context) surgery will have progressed to the point where damage to the cells which is at present irreparable will be able to be repaired. The difficulty at the moment is that present methods of freezing and unfreezing are so crude that a great deal more damage is done in the process. But this again is something which will soon be overcome.”) Einer der wichtigsten Referenztexte von dem wohl wichtigsten Autor in Sachen Cryonic.

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