Secondhand Smoke (Blog: Wesley J. Smith)

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Secondhand Smoke: (»This WEB log considers issues involving assisted suicide/euthanasia, bioethics, human cloning, biotechnology, and the dangers of animal rights/liberation. My views expressed here, as in my books and other writings, reflect my understanding that the philosophy of human exceptionalism is the bedrock of universal human rights. Or, to put it another way: human life matters. (The opinions expressed here are my own and not necessarily those of any organization with which I am affiliated.)«)

Give Me That New Transhumanist Religion: (»Transhumanism is, in my view, a branch of scientism, that is, a quasi religion that seeks to use science in ways for which the great method is not meant. Here’s a little proof. A transhumanist named Giulio Prisco is optimistic about the future of the great post human movement.»)

With a comment from Giulio Prisco.

Wesley J. Smith is a slasher of transhumanism. Senior Fellow Discovery Institute (Thinktank).

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