Article in May Issue of “Crisis” Magazine

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Article in May Issue of “Crisis” Magazine (from PostHumanityRising)

(»Last year one Eric Pavlat approached me about the possibility of doing an email interview on the subject of Transhumanism for a Catholic magazine called “Crisis”. I agreed, got a somewhat lengthy list of questions, and gave an even lengthier assortment of answers. Well, the article finally appeared in this month’s issue of the magazine, and unfortunately my responses were radically truncated by virtue of the writing and editing process. The article is still well worth reading, however.

For the edification of those who might be curious, however, I am publishing below the original questions and my answers as originally sent. (I checked with Eric and he encouraged me to do so.) The only modifications I made are cosmetic, to make it clearer what were his questions and my responses. [...]«)

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