Transhumanism, young whores and old bigots

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Giulio Prisco (Transhumanar): Transhumanism, young whores and old bigots

(»In a letter to Max Born (source), Albert Einstein quoted ”the beautiful proverb: Junge Huren – alte Betschwestern (young whores – old bigots)”.

We have seen it happen so many times: once upon a time there was a wild teenager, sometimes naive but full of creativity and enthusiasm. Then (s)he has to learn some hard lessons, like that you are supposed to show at work at 8am in a formal suit. And then (s)he falls in the dullest mediocrity, forgets all wild and creative ideas of the past, and begins wearing formal suits even on Sunday mornings. (S)he may even, and this is really sad when it happens, become a boring, self-righteous, pompous and intolerant old bigot who hates teenagers for still having the aliveness that (s)he has lost. [...]«)

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